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about us

Hubei Tianmen textile machinery co., Ltd.is a national high-tech enterprise,having decades of history and culture on draw frame development and manufacturing, and known as the of “Draw frame expert” among Chinese cotton spinning equipment manufacturers.

The main products of Tianmen company are two major series FA and TMFD drawing frames under “crane” brand, with original designs and complete intellectual property rights and many national patents, including FA305、FA317A、TMFD81(S)、TMFD81L、TMFD83、TMFD81(φ600)、TMFD101L different models and specifications, which can fulfill various requirements and applications of users.

company honors

Tianmen well-known trademarks
Tianmen Shou contract re-credit
National contract Shou-credit enterprises
Shou contract re - credit enterprises in Hubei Province
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General Manager office
Tel:  +86-728-5250888     Fax:  +86-728-5250777

Sales Office
Tel:  +86-728-5250688     Fax:  +86-728-5250555

Service Center
Tel:  +86-728-5250868     PC:  431700
E-mail: tmfj@tmfj.com  URL: m.44seba.com

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